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Thousands of Jobs Emerge as Tourists 
Flock to Orlando, Supporting Rental Demand

Orlando’s rental market is projected to remain tight as strong job growth and a record number of tourists fuel demand in the economy. Ranked among the top US cities for job growth, significant additions are expected particularly in the construction; trade, transportation and utilities; and leisure and hospitality sectors. Two major transit projects are creating thousands of jobs, including the Interstate 4 reconstruction, and the SunRail project. An independent impact study found that all three phases of the SunRail project alone could generate 260,000 construction and transit jobs, as traffic due to work on Interstate 4 diverts commuters to the SunRail. Meanwhile, attractions such as Universal Orlando’s Harry Potter Diagon Alley and Walt Disney’s Fantasy Land helped Orlando become the first U.S. city in history to welcome over 60 million tourists. Strong tourism numbers will create additional jobs at the metro’s largest employer, Walt Disney World, which already employs over 70,000 workers. Elsewhere, the University of Central Florida’s Orlando Campus will also draw students and staff[…]


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