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Money Isn’t a Game… Unless You’re a Kid

         You teach your little ones to be respectful, hardworking, and to believe that they can grow up to be whatever they want to be. After all, you want them to develop the traits which will ensure them the best possible future. But a great future isn’t possible without teaching them about financial responsibility.

         The authors of “$100 to $1,000,000,” a book on empowering kids in financial matters said this recently: “Kids don’t understand the power of compound interest and how it works. That needs to be brought to their attention, because small amounts saved now can make a huge difference later.”

         This got us thinking: if we need to teach kids about money, why not teach it in the form of a game? After all, games are a fun way to learn and can have great educational value. Here are a few games you can play with your kids to teach them about money.

Top 5 Games


Honestly, you didn’t think that we could neglect this classic, did you? The iconic game teaches us to get all we can, while we can. While it may be a bit over-the-top in its enthusiasm for capitalism, nonetheless it’s a great way to bring attention to the importance of financial independence.monopoly

Startup: A Business Game for all Ages

With this ambitious game, kids will need a little guidance from mom and dad. This business board game uses math and business skills to start and grow a business. By learning the value of investing, kids learn about risk and reward when it comes to running a business.

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Pay Day

The perfect game for budgeting, it teaches kids how to dole out their pay check to cover their monthly expenses.

Photo Courtesy of Scary Journey Blog Spot

Capitalism II

For the fan of computer games, this one allows players to become a corporate CEO and navigate real-world business challenges. If you’re lucky, you’ll grow an empire.Photo Courtesy of Scary Game Pressure

The Game of Life

A true classic, “this time-honored game starts with a key financial decision: take on a loan for college or go debt-free and degree-less (” With scenarios like these, you can see that the game was aptly named.

Photo Courtesy of Hasbro
Photo Courtesy of Hasbro

We hope that this list has been helpful: think of it as a rebuttal to the popular children’s notion that “money grows on trees!”

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