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We offer a personalized investment experience based upon your budget and financial goals. We do all the heavy lifting of identifying, acquiring, managing, and maintaining your investment properties while providing you with visibility throughout the process.

When you invest with our Multifamily Elite Services program, you receive stringent underwriting, on the ground due diligence and end to end management services.


A dedicated Real Estate Advisor

Diversified selection from ten states

First look at Off Market Properties

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Invest in multifamily real estate with confidence and ease. To get started and learn more about the Multifamily investment program, fill out the form!

Recently Purchased Multifamily Investments

  • Clearwater, FL 46 Units

    • 4.8% CAP RATE
    • $3,580,000 PURCHASE PRICE

  • Atlanta, GA 10 Units


    • 4.0% CAP RATE
    • $1,540,000PURCHASE PRICE

  • Durham, NC12 Units

    • 4.3% CAP RATE
    • $1,600,000 PURCHASE PRICE

  • Raleigh, NC11 Units

    • 5.1% CAP RATE
    • $1,550,000 PURCHASE PRICE

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