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Mynd Property Management Acquires HomeUnion® for End to End Real Estate Investing Solution


Mynd Hu Acquisition

Mynd, one of the largest national property management companies has acquired HomeUnion®. Mynd provides full-service property management to over 8000 units of small multifamily buildings and single-family homes. The acquisition provides the customers of the company an end to end service platform for research, acquisition, sales and management of rental properties. The company aims to eventually become a full-service real estate investment solution in the top 50 most investable markets in the U.S., and manage 1 million units.

Mynd was founded in 2016 by Doug Brien and Colin Wiel, who previously founded Waypoint Homes, a single-family rental operator that eventually grew into the largest player in the industry.

HomeUnion® is a leading data driven real estate investment company that allows investors to research, buy and sell single family rentals on its Investimate platform. The platform uses Big Data from 110M properties, 200,000 neighborhoods and 20 years of transaction history to forecast rent, expenses and ROI on properties purchased on the platform.

Investors who invest with Mynd/HomeUnion will now have:


   A greater suite of services to select from

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   Access to local property management in 20 markets from Mynd


   A single point of accountability for all your real estate investments


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