Why Women Will Become Major Players In Real Estate Investing

Obama Vs. Romney: Binders full of Women and Real Estate Investing

Whether you are reading about the Obama campaign going viral on a ” binder full of women” or the Romney campaign empathizing with the poor plight of women, you know we have come a long way from the ‘physiology is not destiny’ cry of the women’s liberation movement. Women are a vibrant piece of our workplace. They are already topping men in education and will probably corner the higher paying jobs in the coming decades. Advertisers already target them more and more as the CEO of the Household on purchase decisions of a number of products. But these products are more than just diapers and household goods. Women are the breadwinners in many families and call the shots on major household investments.

But how about Real Estate? Well, anecdotal evidence says that this is a male-dominated field. But why is that? Our two cents is that the investors that have dominated rental real estate have primarily been ‘do-it-yourselvers’. They buy the properties, swing the hammers or supervise the swinging for rehab. Then many of them act as the property manager worrying about chicken bones in sinks and taking calls from tenants at all hours of the day. Historically, it’s the realm of hard-hat-wearing men, although women are making inroads here as well. Well, the nature of rental real estate investing is changing in a way that could make women major players.

Investing in rental real estate is becoming a lot more like investing in other asset classes. How? Well, investors can compare rentals, analyze returns, do due-diligence on neighborhoods and find trusted property managers. All of this without leaving their desks. No haggling at auctions, paint jobs, rehabs and the search for quality tenants. A robust supply-chain of providers does all of this for investors. For the first time investors don’t have to confine rental real estate-investing to their immediate geography. Women get home buying and investing. Being able to buy cash-flow rental real estate from the comfort of their home or office will make them major players in this rapidly emerging asset class. So, both the Obama and Romney campaigns should support this cause if they are serious about advancing the rights of women.

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