20 Fortune 500 Co.'s Make Dallas-Ft. Worth An Investing Hub

Office-Using Companies Creating Thousands of Jobs, Supporting Demand for Housing

The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex has one of the strongest local economies in the nation. The metro relies primarily on back-office positions and corporate headquarters as major job generators; more than 20 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in the market, including AT&T and Southwest Airlines. Despite the presence of a number of energy companies in the market, the impact of swings in energy prices is actually minor compared to other Texas metros, such as nearby Houston.

Downtown_Dallas_from_the_Trinity_RiverGeico, State Farm, and Verizon are among the firms expanding their back-office presence in the metro. Verizon is adding hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space to its Irving campus, where 8,100 employees already work. State Farm, meanwhile, is finishing construction on the last 500,000 square feet of a 2-million square foot complex in Richardson, where 8,000 employees will be located.

Although the housing market in the Metroplex has attracted investors due to the strong economy and rapidly growing population, the end of the summer buying season could expand opportunities for investors.

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