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Real Estate Investment in Pleasanton, CA

Why Invest in Pleasanton, CA Real Estate?

Located right in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pleasanton is a family-oriented city with top-notch public schools. Sprinkled with picturesque, charming Californian neighborhoods, the area boasts eye-catching open-spaces, wonderful parks and The Pleasanton Ridge with its fabulous sceneries and leisure ops. Pleasanton is home to more than 82,000 residents and constantly growing; in 2017, the city has seen a 0.65% population growth rate.

Pleasanton's economy supports a robust business environment. The major industries include education services, IT, and corporate services. These well-established sectors generate revenue, create new jobs, and attract highly-skilled professionals.

Hence, Pleasanton is a great place for real estate investors looking for a healthy, profitable market and stable year-round incomes.

Investment Considerations for Pleasanton Real Estate

There are a number of factors to consider, including:

  • Job Market Growth- Home to more than 4,000 businesses, Pleasanton is supported by stable industry sectors like IT, education, and corporate services. Moreover, the unemployment rate is 3.6% (lower than the national 5.2% average) and constantly falling. Thus, the job market is flourishing and has experienced an increase of 2.6% in 2017. Workday, Safeway, Thoratec are some of the largest employers in Pleasanton that create numerous working opportunities in the city, attracting talented employees and business activity. For real estate investors, the robust economy and continuously growing job market translate into a strong rental and buying activity.
  • Emerging Tech Hub- The entire Tri-Valley area is currently hosting over 450 tech firms that are fueled by approximately $4 billion in investments. As a result, Pleasanton is an attractive destination for tech companies; its innovation economy features high-tech industry sectors that draw professionals and increase entrepreneurial activity as well as venture capital investment. Real estate investors can, therefore, find plenty of tenants and buyers for their properties.
  • Strong Homebuyer Activity - The median home sales indicate a 21% increase in 2017. Plus, Pleasanton has a high rate of single-family homes that are owner-occupied. This is because more and more aspiring homeowners choose to buy a house in Pleasanton, thanks to its affordable prices compared to other parts of the Bay Area. Another reason for this growth is the nice environment offered by the city for raising families. In addition, the city's home values have grown by 14.8% in 2017. All of these factors make Pleasanton a stable investment scene for real estate investors.
  • Popularity as a living destination - Pleasanton is an awesome place to raise kids. As a matter of fact, the city's public schools (like Vintage Hills Elementary School, Thomas S. Hart Middle School, Foothill High School) often rank as some of the best in California. Hence, the area is popular among families with children. The job growth, leisure ops, friendly weather, and low crime rate are also contributing to Pleasanton's popularity. Real estate investors can benefit from everything mentioned above in order to enjoy profit and a steady year-round income.

What are the best neighborhoods to invest in Pleasanton?

  • Castlewood, Walnut Grove, Harvest Park, and Amador are among the top neighborhoods in Pleasanton for real estate investors. Castlewood is a quiet, safe, and private area, very attractive for numerous newly-arrived residents. Walnut Grove, Harvest Park, and Amador are very close to highly-rated schools, therefore many families with children are looking for buying or renting out houses in these areas.
  • As a fast-growing city with a booming real estate market, strong economy, employment, awesome schools, and various leisure ops, Pleasanton offers a plethora of opportunities for investors to own single-family homes.


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