LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get up to 12 months of guaranteed rent.
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Real Estate Investing is like any other asset class with HomeUnion

Have you always wanted to invest in real estate, but have no desire to be a landlord? Do you desire cash flow without having to take phone calls about chicken bones in the sink? Have you considered investing in single-family residential real estate? If you’re looking to truly diversify from the stock market roller coaster, consider investing remotely in real estate with HomeUnion.

We make it as easy as buying a stock, bond or any other investment vehicle. From selecting the properties, to fully managing tenants and maintenance, to providing you with market intelligence that tells you where and when to buy, as well as when to sell- HomeUnion’s embrace ensures that it’s as simple as any other vehicle to invest in single-family homes for cash flow income.

Register today to get started- get off that stock market roller coaster, and in to fully managed residential real estate!

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LIMITED TIME – November Only


HomeUnion will guarantee your rental income for up to 12 months. You can rest assured that whether or not the property is occupied, you will earn cash flow until your property is leased.

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