Real Estate Investing Tip – Follow the Businesses

“How do I best determine the locations that I should invest in?”

This is a question most investors, like yourself, may be struggling to answer. For good reason– you don’t want to waste precious time or resources on long-shot locations unlikely to provide you with the types of returns you seek. Instead, you’re looking to make sound decisions based on solid market research. HomeUnion® has found that following the businesses is one of many proven methods for determining which housing markets to invest in.

follow-the-businesses-to-jobsTake the example of Toyota re-locating to Plano, Texas; their move was the result of existing conditions favorable to both businesses and homebuyers. Toyota’s employees agreed, and 75% of them elected to re-locate with the company. On the heels of these favorable developments, HomeUnion® encouraged investors to follow Toyota’s lead— asserting that when it comes to investing, you should follow the businesses and invest in those solid markets.

Don Ganguly, CEO of HomeUnion®, noted how keeping an eye on what was unfolding with Toyota in Texas benefited HomeUnion® investors: “There was a highway being constructed at the time that would cut the commute in half for Toyota employees, so we immediately suggested our investors scoop up the nearby homes, and it proved a real win!”

Ganguly’s anecdote supports the notion that good things happen when investors pay attention to markets incentivizing business re-location and growth. CNBC has put together a list of them, and (not surprisingly) a large number of HomeUnion® markets made the cut:

7 Solid Investing Cities

  • best-cities-for-business-incentivesAtlanta: One of the Deep South’s flagship cities, Atlanta’s metro area is home to over five million people and nearly 150,000 businesses. It’s particularly favorable to start-ups, as Startup Atlanta is a non-profit which helps grow and connect the local start-up ecosystem with the city.
  • Raleigh: The Raleigh metro area is currently enticing both new and established businesses with its educated workforce. Pharmaceuticals, advanced medical care, and clean energy are among the industries attracting the most start-up interest and venture funding.
  • San Antonio: Named #10 in CNBC’s list, the San Antonio market is healthy and growing with the median price for a single-family home well below the national average of $195,500.
  • Dallas: A growing population, decent salaries, and reasonable home prices all add up to an abundance of businesses either re-locating or starting-up in Dallas.
  • Houston: “If there’s one adjective that makes Houston attractive to would-be business owners, it’s ‘affordable.’ The city didn’t experience a huge housing bubble— and subsequent crash— like many other cities across the U.S.,” CNBC says.
  • Charlotte: CNBC gave its overall quality of life/ business environment 324 out of 500 points. They also listed it very high on their list at #5.
  • Austin: Ranked #1 by CNBC in terms of small business creation, this metro area has much going for it. Its young, educated workforce, lack of individual or corporate state income tax, and abundance of diverse industries are just a few.

Prime Investing Cities and You

By using big data and proprietary algorithms to identify markets, we’ve already taken all of the guesswork out of where you should invest. The next step is to schedule a consultation at 888-276-0232. After all, why miss out on opportunities to invest in any of the viable locations listed above?


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Ramesh Kalra Oct 13 2016 - 8:43 PM
You state above that. A highway was being constructed in Plano and you suggested the investable locations. What were these locations. are any profitable locations near Toyota complex In or around Plano still available?
    Alisha Chocha Oct 14 2016 - 10:51 AM
    Hi Ramesh, To answer your questions, your Solutions Manager Arnold will reach out and go over our available locations in Texas. Thank you for your inquiry, Alisha at HomeUnion®

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