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Real Estate Investment Locations

HomeUnion® identifies Real Estate Investment Locations on behalf of our clients. A Real Estate Investment Location is a neighborhood or a set of neighborhoods where there are investment properties that offer income or growth opportunities.

HomeUnion® doesn't stop there, though. Before being selected as a location we want to offer to our clients, the area is evaluated for diversity of employment, median income, area comps, access to mass transit, school quality, as well as many more criteria. We evaluate these locations both through our proprietary algorithms and by drawing on the knowledge of our local “boots on the ground”- some of these local property managers have more than 20 years in their location.

Properties tend to be in middle-class locations. High end neighborhoods don't provide adequate cash flow, and lower priced neighborhoods lack a stable tenant base. We look for Return on Investment for our clients; which means finding properties with high rent-to-purchase-price ratios in economically viable areas.

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