Why Invest in Atlanta, GA

As Georgia’s capital, Atlanta is one of the top ten largest metro areas in the United States. With the country’s busiest airport, Atlanta is also a transportation hub for highways and railways. Atlanta has a growing economy that is 8th in the nation for GDP and is home to a wide variety of business that includes Fortune 500 companies such as Home Depot, Chick-Fil-A, Coca-Cola, and Delta.

Atlanta plays a valuable role in the U.S. economy and presents a thriving place for business and transportation. The Atlanta metro area is home to over 5.5 million, making this area a great place to invest in single family rentals.

General Facts
  • Atlanta has consistently ranked in the top 5 cities with the most Fortune 500 Headquarters (Atlanta Chamber of Commerce)
  • 20 largest non-government employers provide more than 9% of the employment (200,000 jobs) in the region (Atlanta Chamber of Commerce)
  • High-tech employment, at 130,800, is 5.2% of the Atlanta region’s total (Moody’s Economy.com)
  •  Metro Atlanta ranks as the nation’s 6th largest information sector (Wikipedia)
  • “Most Diverse Employment Base” of Atlanta is its greatest economic asset (Moody’s Economy.com)
  • Air, rail and highway makes Atlanta among the top three distribution centers in the eastern U.S. (AreaDevelopment.com)
  • Offers access to 3 major interstate freeways connecting major regions of the U.S.(South east, North east, Midwest, West) (Wikipedia)
  • Home to 40 world-class universities and research institutions (Wikipedia)
  • Projected to be the 6th most populated metro areas with 7.3 Million population by 2020 (US Census Bureau)

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