Why Invest in Chicago, IL

With over 2.7 million residents and 10 million in the surrounding metro area, Chicago is the place many people call home. This city is a leader in technology, communications, transportation, and many other industries. Chicago has one of the busiest airports in the world, O’Hare, and has the largest number of railroad freight and highways in the U.S.
The gross metropolitan product of Chicago is $590.2 billion, making it the third largest economy in the United States. This city hosts the largest labor pool in the U.S. and presents a strong market for those looking to invest in real estate due to the high demand for rental properties.

General Facts
  • Home to two of the world’s Top 10 hotels and five Conde Nast Gold List hotels (Conde Nast Traveler)
  • The Chicago Park District has the nation’s largest municipal harbor system. (Wikipedia)
  • Over $3 billion in global derivatives trading volume, nearly 2X the trading volume of New York (Mack Companies)
  • Northside College Prep school is in top 25 “America’s Best High Schools” (Newsweek 2011)
  • Home to 10 Professional sports teams that generate season specific business/ jobs:
    • MLB – NFL – NBA – NHL – MLS – WNBA – AFL – MLL
  • In counties with the most business establishments in the nation (Source: Census 2010), Cook County (Chicago is in Cook County) facts are:
    • #2 in Residential Construction establishments
    • #3 in Gas Stations
    • #4 in Real Estate Industry
    • #2 in Day Care Centers
    • #3 in Full-Service Restaurants
  • In states with the most business establishments in the nation (Source: Census 2010), Illinois State facts are:
    • #5 in Electronics Stores
    • #8 in Hotels and Motels
    • #6 in Auto Repair Shops
    • #7 in Beauty, Nail, and Barber Shops

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