Why Invest in Columbia, SC

As the capital of South Carolina, Columbia plays an important part in the state’s economy and culture. In addition to having the state’s largest university, The University of South Carolina, Columbia is also home to the U.S. Army’s largest installation for Basic Combat Training, as well as the Columbia Metropolitan Airport.

Employment in the area is quite diverse composed of several major industries including government, health care, manufacturing, and energy. Some of the major employers in the area include Palmetto Health, SCANA, UPS, Michelin, Honeywell, Bose, and many others. Additionally, there are fourteen Fortune 500 companies in the Columbia metro.

With favorable weather, parks, museums, and a revitalized downtown district, Columbia is a thriving city with ample employment opportunities. The conditions in this city are quite favorable for single-family rentals, and Columbia offers solid investment opportunities.

General Facts
  • Capital and largest city in South Carolina
  • Home to two military installations, fueling rental demand
  • Second largest financial center in U.S. after New York City
  • #12 of 200 in Forbes 2014 Best Places for Businesses and Careers
  • Home to 1 Fortune 1000 companies: SCANA Corporation

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