Why Invest in Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis fundamentals cater to both cash flow and long-term growth. While many markets saw dramatic increases and decreases, property values in Indianapolis have remained relatively stable over the last few years. The city has increased by 15.2% over the last decade (above the National average of 9.7%) and continues to put upward pressure on home prices and rental rates. Indiana state is currently running a budget surplus making it a very business friendly economy. The average home ownership in Indianapolis is 75% (while the national average is below 67%) – the shortage of rental properties leads to a stable rental market demand.

General Facts
  • “Indianapolis is a destination for people and for businesses. Because of our impeccable financials, AAA-debt rating, stable tax environment and balanced budgets, businesses know what to expect in Indy — which makes them more likely to act, create jobs and invest in Indianapolis because they can plan.” – Mayor Greg Ballard, Indiana Chamber of Commerce 2012 Community of the Year Award
  • 13th largest city in the nation (Wikipedia)
  • #1 among the top 10 most affordable cities with an affordability score of 95.8% (CNN Money ,August 2012)
  • Rated as one of America’s best downtowns (Forbes, 2011)
  • The city is the host to major sporting events including the famous Indy Car Race
  • Indiana is a judicial foreclosure state

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