Why Invest in Orlando, FL

Orlando is located in the center of Florida and is the state’s largest inland city. Often recognized for the tourism gained through Disney World and other theme parks in the area, Orlando draws over 62 million visitors per year. The University of Central Florida is located here as well as a thriving downtown business district with over 19 skyscrapers.

This vibrant city continues to expand to meet the demands of the tourism industry as well as the flourishing business community. As a leader in the film, television, and the video game industries, Orlando proves that is more than just a city with a theme park, it is a place to live, work, and invest.

General Facts
  • 3rd most populous city in Florida
  • 26th largest metropolitan area in the U.S.
  • Due to the plethora of tourist attractions, it is consistently one of the most visited American cities
  • Ranks in the top 25 of the most literate cities in America
  • Strong tech hub
  • On 2014’s 100 Best Places to Live (Livability.com)

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