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CNBC Report: Tax Reform to Benefit Landlords

Have you ever thought about using a real estate loan to purchase a single- family rental property? HomeUnion makes it easy to invest in real estate, and there are multiple funding options.

  • Buy with Cash: HomeUnion helps you select a fully vetted, fully managed property to buy with cash.
  • Buy Using Leverage: Favorable conditions allow for even better returns when you leverage your residential investment property, and Fed rules allow for multiple loans to finance such purchases. *Subject to approval by the lender
  • Buy with your Self Directed IRA: Purchase an investment property using your self-directed IRA and supplement your social security or pension with steady, monthly cash flow income.

We’ll help you figure out the best way to finance your residential real estate purchase, and put you on the path to cash flow!

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The key to successful real estate investing is selecting a market that has returns to match your investment goals. Every investor has a unique situation. Schedule a FREE consultation to learn which market you should invest in.