ReaLoyalty™ is a one-of-a-kind wealth creation program for real estate professionals. It allows them to earn commissions for purchases made by real estate investor referrals. The commissions continue for two years of all real estate purchases made by the investor through the HomeUnion® network.


Benefits of Membership

Earn commissions every time your referral buys for up to two years

Less work for you, as HomeUnion® identifies properties for your referrals

Reduced closing time in comparison to a REO property

Partner with a trusted and experienced team of professionals


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Market Opportunity

Low Homeowner Demand

  • Inability of many people to qualify for loans
  • Potential home owners waiting for home prices to hit bottom
  • Fear of ownership from large foreclosures

High Investor Demand

  • Large pool of “A” quality renters
  • Historically low property prices in a large inventory of zones around the country
  • Foreclosed home owners prefer to rent homes

The HomeUnion® Solution

HomeUnion® provides a solution that streamlines the management of ‘Buy/Hold/Sell’ cycles for residential real estate investors in a ‘click and mortar’ model.

  • Local property providers/managers are selected through a stringent certification process
  • Investors select cash flow homes from HomeUnion®’s investment property marketplace using their real estate investment criteria
  • HomeUnion® client services coordinators connect investors with select certified property providers whose cash flow homes best fit the property investor needs
  • HomeUnion® provides management oversight on all assets purchased

The Realtor Math

Appreciation vs. Cash Flow

Greater return, greater diversification for the real estate investor, less work for the referring real estate professional. Real estate professionals earn similar commissions on the referrals every time that investor transacts through HomeUnion®.

Asset vs. Turnkey Properties

A cash flow home is a better option than buying an REO property in an appreciation market, with exceptions of course. The property investor transactions take less time to close with rent ready cash flow homes.

How It Works

Real estate professionals who register with HomeUnion®’s ReaLoyalty™ network are given a unique code. This code is applied to all referred property investors to ensure the referring agent earns commissions up to 2 years after the investor initially transacts with HomeUnion®.