San Jose, CA Rental Housing Growth Projected To Lead U.S.

Rental Housing Growth in San Jose, Calif., Forecast to Lead the Nation in 2016


Rental Housing Growth in San Jose, Calif., Forecast to Lead the Nation in 2016

San Jose, Orlando and Seattle topped the list of 44 markets in HomeUnion®’s new study.

IRVINE, Calif., March 15, 2016 — HomeUnion®, an online real estate investing platform enabling value investing in residential real estate, has identified the 10 metros with the strongest investment home rental growth in the United States. HomeUnion® analyzed 44 single-family residential (SFR) housing markets nationwide for the study.

“It’s no surprise that San Jose leads the U.S. with anticipated rental growth of 7.3 percent, due to healthy job growth and increasingly out-of-reach prices for traditional housing,” explains Steve Hovland, manager, research services for HomeUnion®. “Orlando’s ranking of No. 2 on our list, with a forecasted rent increase of 6.1 percent, seems more noteworthy, but not surprising given the furious pace of economic growth in the area over the past two years. Tourism has fueled the region’s booming economy: Orlando has welcomed more than 60 million visitors, as well as job seekers, annually.”

The top 10 metros with the strongest investment home rental growth are:

Top 10 Metros with Strongest Investment Home Rental Growth

“Additional standouts on our list include Charlotte and Austin, two metros that are bursting at the seams in terms of economic growth. Charlotte has one of the fastest-growing populations nationwide, which has sent both rental and investment demand soaring for SFRs. We expect rents to rise 5.3 percent in Charlotte this year,” notes Hovland. “Austin’s continued dominance as a leading tech hub and employment center helped the metro earn a ranking of No. 8 on our list, with rents projected to rise 5 percent through year’s end.”

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HomeUnion® is an online real estate investing platform, bringing value investing to the individual investor in residential real estate. Based in Irvine, Calif., it provides all the services needed for individuals to invest remotely in single-family residential (SFR) rental properties. The company uses a combination of data-driven proprietary analytics to incorporate over 120M homes and 200,000 neighborhoods into their database, and then delivers its solutions to an on-the-ground infrastructure that currently serves 17 locations. HomeUnion®’s role spans the lifecycle of the investment transaction: from identifying sound investments; handling all aspects of acquisition; maximizing income; protecting asset value; and selling it when the time comes.

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joel Mar 19 2016 - 2:38 AM
as a recent member who signed up anticipating research and investment opportunities here in Northern Calif, especially in the SF bay area (i live in SF) i was a bit disappointed that we are not covered by your group. Our area as lead the nation in bouncing back from the crash primarily due to several factors such as Asian cash and silicone valley. They conduct classes in China for example to invest in America. and as SF is a gateway city, it all lands here. Ive been a banker for over 30 yrs and there are markets I see here with potential growth...the story with san jose is spot on...what i am looking for now before the curve pick up is housing for seniors..its the new wave. thanks
    Alisha Chocha Mar 21 2016 - 9:58 AM
    Hi, Joel, We're sorry to hear that you are disappointed that we are not offering residential rentals in San Francisco currently. Although San Francisco and San Jose are growing in rents, cap rates are low in this area due to increasing home prices. Currently, we are focused on building the infrastructure in markets with more favorable cap rates as they tend to offer more predictable returns for our returns. Northern California has definitely proven to be a good investment market for those that can afford the price of entry, and it's eventually in our plans to offer properties there. You can learn more about the science behind our research here: Also here's a list of markets by cap rates: -for-single-family-rental-investments/ I've passed along your comment, and truly value your feedback. Thank you, Alisha at HomeUnion®

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