Questions About Rental Property Management?

Once you acquire your properties, all you have to do is view all activity (expenses, revenue, estimated appreciation, etc) on your investment that is tracked in your HomeUnion® account. We handle the rest, including:

  • Day-to-day management – We make sure all maintenance and repairs are performed in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Ongoing paperwork – We handle all taxes, insurance, HOA fees and paperwork.
  • Maximize Occupancy – We do everything in our power to secure a new tenant for our investors in the event of a vacancy thus minimizing any disruption in cash flow.

We can help answer your questions about Single Family Rental properties. Sign up for a free no-obligation consultation with a Real Estate Solutions Manager. Your Solutions Manager will help answer your questions about:

  • What to charge for rent to ensure that your investment property has solid returns
  • Finding a Quality Tenant
  • Identifying a Good Investment Location and Property
  • How to Evict a Problem Tenant

When you buy an investment home from HomeUnion®, you’re getting a fully vetted, fully managed investment- not just a building. Fill out the form to get in contact with a Real Estate Solutions Specialist and receive a free evaluation of your investing needs.

HomeUnion®- you invest, we do the rest!

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