Rental Rates Are Sky-Rocketing In Atlanta

Rents Surge In Atlanta | Strike While the Iron is Hot

Rents are growing at a record rate in Atlanta. According to a report from the popular apartment search website ABODO, Atlanta is currently ranked #9 in the nation for highest rents.

Even though it is only the start of the new year, a 1-bedroom apartment in Atlanta has already jumped 3% from December 2015 to January 2016 (Atlanta Business Chronicle).

The reason for the uptick in rent has been attributed to renter demand surpassing renter supply, as Atlanta follows the current trend of homeownership rates declining and younger generations opting to rent over buy.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

hotironEmployment growth in Atlanta is actually higher than the national average. And will continue to grow strong as State Farm, Mercedes-Benz, and SunTrust add 12,000+ new job positions that will fill their soon-to-be completed structures.

With rents increasing, positions growing, and rental home supply shortening, now is the time for real estate investors to add Atlanta rental properties to their portfolio.

The iron is sizzling; are you ready to invest in Atlanta?

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