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Real Estate Investment in San Ramon, CA

Why Invest in San Ramon, CA Real Estate?

San Ramon is a bustling city in Northern California, settled very close to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Flanked by Las Trampas Regional Wilderness and Mount Diablo, San Ramon's iconic beauty, outdoor leisure ops, family-friendly atmosphere, diverse dining scene, and the pleasant year-round weather are constantly inspiring people to move to the area and call it their home. Hosting more than 75,000 inhabitants, San Ramon has seen a 0.16% population growth rate in 2017.

The city's economy is stimulated by key sectors like Information Technology, manufacturing, as well as healthcare & social assistance. Numerous corporations and startups that have their headquarters or key offices here, which is why San Ramon is often regarded as a business district. Its stable economy is contributing to the real estate's market promising development.

As a result, San Ramon is a place that experiences overall growth and offers a wide range of opportunities for real estate investors in single-family homes.

Investment Considerations for San Ramon Real Estate

There are a number of factors to consider, including:

  • Job Market Growth- With companies like Chevron Corporation, AT&T Inc., GE Digital, Accela, Inc., Five9, 24 Hour Fitness, Bay Area News Group, and Galena Biopharma headquartered in the city, San Ramon has seen a job market growth of 2.6% in 2017. Moreover, the job increase is expected to be 41.8% over the next decade, which is higher than the national overage of 38%. This goes hand in hand with the unemployment rate of 3.3%, lower than the US average of 5.2%. This translates into renters and buyers moving to the city which means that real estate investors can see a positive cash flow likelihood.
  • Emerging Tech Hub- Currently, the entire area of Tri-Valley is popular among tech businesses, entrepreneurs, and tech workers. San Ramon has a flourishing technology scene, which combines traditional and innovation sectors, and turns the city into a 'digital industrial' hub. Plus, San Ramon is located close to Silicon Valley, which attracts professionals working in high-tech who are searching for a more affordable place to live next to the Valley. The influx of tenants and active home buyers is, therefore, very beneficial for real estate investors in San Ramon.
  • Rent Growth - Thanks to the population and job market growth, the prices and rental demand in San Ramon are steadily increasing. The average rent has gone up by 2.3% during the first six months of 2018. In addition, the rental income is $2,902, and the cash on cash return is 0.57%. Thus, real estate investors can benefit from the nice rental income and find plenty of employed tenants who can afford to pay rent on time.
  • Popularity as a living destination - There are several aspects that make San Ramon a popular place. Its convenient location, economic growth, quality public schools (such as Bollinger Canyon Elementary School, Dougherty Valley High School, Windemere Ranch Middle School), access to first-rate healthcare, and beautiful nature are just a few of them. Hence, it's no surprise that San Ramon has been recently named the best city in California for young families. With the demographic and economic factors predicted to continue expanding, real estate investors can enjoy a stable year-round income stream from their properties.

What are the best neighborhoods to invest in San Ramon?

  • The top neighborhoods to invest in San Ramon are Bollinger Hills, Twin Creeks, Twin Creek South, Inverness Park/Rancho Ramon, and New Castle. These areas boast low unemployment rates, high safety rankings, top-notch schools, and convenient amenities. That's why professionals and families with children prefer them when looking for a place to live.
  • San Ramon offers an abundance of real estate investment opportunities. The solid job market, constantly growing population, and exciting leisure ops make real estate investment in San Ramon a smart choice for single-family home investment.


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