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Self Directed IRA

IRA’s have become one of the de facto investment strategies to save for retirement and to build a tax deferred investment portfolio. With trillions of dollars invested in an estimated 50 million IRAs, those numbers are only expected to grow in the future. Although most people who use IRAs see these investment vehicles as a place to purchase stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, they can actually be used in other more non-traditional ways.

An SDIRA provides investing alternatives to saving for retirement and is offered by many financial institutions. Using a SDIRA for real estate let’s you take advantage of all the great benefits for both the SDIRA and owning income property.

While only a small number of investors know that their SDIRAs can be used for real estate, trillions of dollars will be put into non-traditional assets over the next few years as the word gets out. To have your entire retirement resting in the stock market is never a great idea and adding real estate to your SDIRA gives you much more control that you’d find in the volatile stock market. Although there are always regulations regarding SDIRAs, the Federal Government only stipulates that only collectables and life insurance cannot be owned within the SDIRA.

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