Real estate holdings are an excellent way to grow capital but it can be difficult to quickly sell your properties. This is how INVESTimate® differs from the rest – when you partner with us, we make the selling process simple and painless for you.


Access the Right Audience

When you add your assets to our database, your properties have the potential to be placed in front of a motivated audience who is looking to purchase investment properties. We have over 100,000 registered users, and our reach is increasing tremendously.


No More Hassle for You

We take care of all the heavy lifting to market your holdings to a captive and eager audience of real estate investors.

Here’s how it works in 3 steps:

1. Your properties will be placed on our platform and accessible to thousands of potential buyers who are looking to invest in real estate.

2. Our Solution Managers will assist in finding qualified investors to purchase your properties based on the investors’ investment goals and criteria.

3. As your properties sell, our dedicated team of professionals will ensure a quick and smooth transaction by taking care of all the paperwork, inspections, and other details in the closing process.

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