How to Effectively Solve the Most Common Tenant Complaints

Solving Common Tenant Complaints with Asset Management

As a residential rental owner, you’re also in the customer service business— since the continued profitability of your investment is largely dependent on keeping your tenants happy. Knowing this, you’ll want to resolve any complaints quickly and effectively, in order to keep the rent payments flowing (and your reputation as an excellent owner intact).

While some complaints may seem trivial, remember that tenants are in a dependent situation. As they don’t own the dwelling, there are a lot of problems that they’re unable to solve directly for themselves (on both legal and contractual grounds). Therefore— like the business owner tasked with creating a safe, positive work environment for their employees— rental owners also bear a similar responsibility; only theirs involves ensuring up-to-standard living conditions. So here’s five tips for resolving common tenant complaints… before they have a chance of turning into sub-standard living conditions.

Common Tenant Complaints


Neighbor Related

Even if you have a great tenant, their neighbors may be much less desirable. So when a neighbor’s loud pets, bad smells, or any number of other issues present themselves, encourage the two parties to work it out together first. This direct approach is empowering and can lead to greater cooperation and respect. If the problem persists (and the neighbors are also renting), speak to the home’s owners, as the undesirable behavior may also violate the terms of their lease.

Pest Problems

Considering the potential health problems that pests pose, these unwanted houseguests are among the worst issues tenants will face. The damage they cause can also be quite costly to investors. When pests do rear their ugly heads, you’ll need reliable maintenance personnel to 1). respond promptly 2). identify the source of the problem and 3). eradicate it completely. So it’s very important to have these relationships in place and a qualified maintenance person (or persons) on stand-by. Remember, in the case of termites, your home depends on it!


Seasonal Repairs

The changing seasons present many challenges, including those that aren’t always easy to plan for. Falling trees, roof leaks, and blockages due to snow are all great examples. In each of these cases— as well as many others— you’ll need a qualified specialist (from a reputable company) to properly investigate and make repairs as needed.

Plumbing Issues

As a seemingly small plumbing issue can eventually lead to minor (or even major) flooding, investors should act immediately after they’re informed one exists. After all, what does the inconvenience matter when you consider the potential costs of repairs due to water damage?


Appliance Repairs

Solving appliance-related problems isn’t that straight-forward. First, you’ll need to determine how they were caused and who, according to the terms of the lease, is responsible for paying repair costs. When you have an asset management team in place, they verify whether or not appliance-related issues are covered by the terms of the lease. If they’re not, you’ll save money, as it’s the tenants who are required to pay.

HomeUnion®’s Asset Management Team can resolve all of the above tenant complaints, either directly or through a qualified third party. Our streamlined process relieves the investor’s burden of asset management by empowering a team of experts to handle all these tenant issues and more. Interested in our Asset Management services? Give us a call at 888-276-0232 or schedule a consultation. Your tenants will thank you.

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