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Success Stories

Financial Freedom to Do What You Love

"HomeUnion®'s streamlined process made it easy for me to invest in real estate passively while still doing my job as a physician effectively. HomeUnion®'s technology-driven platform is easy to use and gave me a level of control over my investment that is otherwise missing when you invest remotely.

I tell all my friends and family that HomeUnion® is great for people who don't have the capacity, time, or energy to invest in real estate on their own. Instead of waiting around for time to become available, jumpstart your real estate career with HomeUnion®."

— Dr. Peter Kim

"The honesty and direct responses we received from HomeUnion® only heightened our confidence and trust in them, and we are now proud owners of two single-family home rentals in emerging markets that show positive monthly cash flow and equity growth.

We are well on our way to fulfilling our financial goals, thanks to HomeUnion®."

— Cory and Gioconda Sanders

"I'm not an expert, and you have to have lots of things in place to successfully invest in real estate. I wanted to add real estate to my portfolio, but it seemed like a lot of work at the time.My first thought was to look into REITs, but this type of investment isn't as transparent as I like, and came with too many hidden fees.

I immediately liked HomeUnion®'s approach of making real estate investing as easy as buying stocks. And partnering with HomeUnion® has allowed me to add real estate to my portfolio through a simple purchasing and investment process."

— Yang Guo

"I liked the idea of having a service provider that handled all the details from property acquisition through property management. As a beginner real estate investor, it was also good to get coaching from the team at HomeUnion® about the characteristics of a good investment property."

— Jonathan Kula

"Real estate investing provides unprecedented opportunities to create generational wealth, and there doesn't seem to be a better tax haven. [HomeUnion®] gave me access to markets outside my own by providing professional insight into real estate investing.

Working with them has been a truly satisfying experience. Everything that HomeUnion® has advertised has been executed wholly."

— Sean Slattery

"There is no other investment that pays you quite like this.

What other investment allows you to borrow money to invest, and gives you such great returns? Single Family Rentals are a real winner, and with HomeUnion® the process is simple and streamlined."

— Daniel Brown

"I decided to work with HomeUnion® because their plan was straightforward, their service was impeccable, and their website showed all the numbers I needed to make an informed decision.

As a first-time investor, it was extremely beneficial for me to receive expert guidance from one of HomeUnion®'s Real Estate Solutions Managers. He was very informative and thoroughly answered all my questions."

— Joshua Baumender

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