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The 40 Best Places to Buy Rental Housing in Winter 2018

Rental properties in Omaha, Neb., Chicago and Hartford, Conn., offer investors the best seasonal bargains

 IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 4, 2018 – HomeUnion®, a leading online real estate investment and management firm, has released a list of the biggest seasonal bargains for investment housing, and found that the winter off-peak period can be the best time of the year to acquire single-family rentals (SFRs). On average, SFR investors paid 6.6 percent less per square foot for the same property during the winter of 2018 as they did during the spring and summer buying season in 2017.

“For the second year in a row, our study found that the wintertime is the best season to acquire rentals,” explains Steve Hovland, director of research for HomeUnion®. “Median home prices drop substantially during the colder months, while rent losses remain marginal for landlords. On average, investors can acquire higher-yielding properties in cold-weather markets like Omaha, Neb.; Chicago and Hartford, Conn., as well as Charlotte and the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex,” he says.

“Home prices are seasonal as many buyers and sellers delay an acquisition or disposition to avoid a move during a school year. As a result, smaller homes occupied by empty nesters or childless families are more likely to change hands,” notes Hovland.

Here’s a list of the 40 best metro areas to buy rental properties in the wintertime:

Metro Area

Temperature Spread (Degrees Fahrenheit)
Winter Price Summer Price

Price Decline / Savings

Omaha, Neb.50$78,100$115,000-32.1%
Hartford, Conn.44$153,000$205,500-25.5%
Washington, D.C.42$265,000$349,900-24.3%
New York, N.Y.43$309,000$405,700-23.8%
Grand Rapids47$110,000$140,000-21.4%
Kansas City48$100,000$124,900-19.9%
San Francisco12$1,037,500$1,285,000-19.3%
Charlotte, N.C.37$127,000$155,000-18.1%
St. Louis46$91,100$110,000-17.2%
Portland, Me.27$286,700$345,000-16.9%
Salt Lake City46$217,800$261,300-16.6%
Rochester, N.Y.45$120,000$138,800-13.5%
San Jose20$823,500$950,000-13.3%
Providence, R.I.42$200,300$230,000-12.9%
Raleigh, N.C.38$169,000$192,500-12.2%
Las Vegas41$208,500$235,000-11.3%
San Diego17$492,500$550,000-10.5%
Los Angeles18$537,500$598,000-10.1%
Oakland, Calif.19$490,000$545,000-10.1%

Sources: HomeUnion® Research Services, Maponics

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