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The Experts Are Investing in Columbus, Ohio. Are You?

Columbus, Ohio continues to show signs of economic growth and many experts think this region is great place to invest. With strong employment from the government, Ohio State University, and other local industries, Columbus is a promising place to own rental property.

With a student body that is continuing to grow at the university, there is a high demand for rental property in the area. Our research team has compiled a detailed report on the Columbus region, which includes the following factors and how they affect the economy:

  • Employment trends in the region vs. the country
  • Historical look at housing permits compared to today
  • Vacancy and rental levels in the region

Furthermore, our report examines the opportunity spread in the region and why this is a good time to invest in Columbus. Would you like to learn more about investing in profitable neighborhoods like Columbus and others around the country? Download our detailed research report as well as visit HomeUnion®.com.

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