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The Great Investment Secret

top secretAre you worried about your retirement? Rest assured, you’re not alone – it’s no secret that America is approaching a retirement income crisis, leaving 78 million people (over half of today’s workforce) with no access to a workplace-based retirement program, and many others without the opportunity to save enough money for a comfortable retirement.

And with the soaring cost of healthcare and other retiree costs, many are looking for alternative ways to guard their future, including alternative asset schemes for investment with their IRAs/401Ks, such as single family homes.

Example Scenario

Let’s set the scene: imagine meeting a retired business executive (let’s be original and call him ‘Joe Bloggs’) who should be enjoying a comfortable life, who instead works at a large retail chain of drives a taxi to supplement his income. Unfortunately, this is a very real scenario, with many senior citizens being forced into working at jobs they don’t really want, long into their 70s and beyond. So, what could Joe Bloggs have done differently?

Well, he could have managed his retirement plan better by diversifying into real estate investment – in particular, he could have invested in single family homes in various parts of the country, in order to benefit from rental income.

Building your Retirement Freedom

Many people end up in the sorry situation of being saddled with negative returns in their IRA portfolios, which is why diversifying into alternative asset classes (like single family residences) can really make a huge difference to your investment growth!

Because of the looming retirement crisis, real estate has become the alternative investment choice for many who can get past the initial fear of entering into the market. No, it’s not a ‘Twilight zone’, and once you get into the correct mindset, investing in real estate can help build a legitimate, clear path to your retirement freedom.

‘Renter Nation’

According to the market, it’s an ideal time to invest in homes for rental income. Recent surveys have shown that home ownership increased from 64% to 69% last decade, with an expected fall to 59%. The market is flooded with foreclosures or short sales for a lot of properties – and each such scenario represents a new renter and rental property opportunity. Welcome to the new ‘Renter Nation’!

Single Family Real Estate

Why not take this opportunity to add the emerging real estate class to your investment portfolio? As an investor, there are a growing number of properties becoming available, which you can buy inexpensively and convert into rental properties to serve the growing demand, therefore benefitting from stable high yields in “buy-and-hold” single-family real estate.

Cash Flow Investing

This form of investment allows you to hold a distributed portfolio throughout multiple cities, making you less vulnerable to market conditions. And because rent compression does not automatically hit the whole portfolio as it otherwise might in an apartment investment, it’s caught the attention of the big money funds, institutional investors and high net-worth groups. It’s not a secret that distributed single-family real estate investments are fast becoming the “un-apartment” portfolio entries of these funds, and since the market is fragmented, you can take advantage of this by easily investing in one or more homes with attractive cash flows.

Real Income Provides Great Return

If a steady monthly check to add to your income sounds attractive to you, you should to look into single-family real estate investment. Real estate investing can provide a nice amount monthly rent income. We seek properties that may generate stable monthly rent.

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