What is the HomeUnion Embrace?

What is the HomeUnion® Embrace?

The HomeUnion® Embrace means that we support our investors every step of the way from choosing the property to managing the property and your financial statements, to selling the property when you’re ready.  Does your investment management company embrace you?


[Don Ganguly]: At HomeUnion®, we support our investors through every step of the investment process.

[Scott Hetherington]: This means we automate as much of the transaction as possible. We manage the asset, and we provide intelligence so they can make buy-sell decisions.

[HomeUnion® Investor #1]: HomeUnion® sends me monthly performance on my real estate investments. I can see income and expenses. I can see the current value of my portfolio at any time – it’s pretty cool.

[HomeUnion® Investor #2]: I found out that we can get in with just the down payment. We can get multiple investment loans, just like the mortgage on our home

[HomeUnion® Investor #3]: My retirement account had been limping along. And then HomeUnion® showed me how to buy real estate by simply moving it into a self-directed IRA.  I was able to get great tax-free returns.

[HomeUnion® Investor #1]: And I love the flexibility of being able to sell my investment property on HomeUnion® to another investor if I need to.

[HomeUnion® Investor #2]: HomeUnion® takes care of all the property management for us. They’re pretty much a one-stop-shop.

[Narrator]: HomeUnion®: you invest, we can do the rest.

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