Turn your home into a HomeUnion® Home.

In order to do this, we may have to do some maintenance and repairs on the newly-purchased investment property. When that is the case, we always recommend a set amount of work to bring the property up to The HomeUnion® Home standard. Upgrading the property to this standard is beneficial for both the investor and the tenant. The investor will improve the value of their investment and the tenant has a beautiful place to call home.

Take a closer look at all the strategic renovations that will transform an investment property into a successful HomeUnion® Home.

Our renovations include:


Properties will be equipped with a refrigerator, functional range, range hood, and dishwasher. Appliance choices will depend on the grade of the neighborhood and the current condition of the existing appliances. This means certain locations will require necessary upgrades to help achieve the HomeUnion® standard.





Any mismatched, outdated, or broken handles or knobs will be replaced.


New flooring will only be added in limited circumstances. If necessary, all existing flooring will be demolished and new flooring will be installed by manufacturer requirements.


Property Example:


6 (1)


To achieve maximum curb appeal, landscaping and irrigation will be updated at minimal cost. Tenant utility costs will also be taken into consideration.

Front YardClean Up Only
Rear YardClean Up Only
Typical Spend$250-$500



All light fixtures must include working light bulbs. Broken, painted, or mismatched outlet cover plates will be replaced.

Depending on condition, light fixtures may be replaced.



All homes will be painted in two tones for maximum renter-appeal. This includes ceilings, doors, trims/baseboards, and closets.

Specifications are as follows:

Brand: Behr or Sherwin WilliamsBody & Trim Color: Neighborhood Specific
Wall Color: NeutralProduct Flat – 285 Rustic, Semi-gloss 131 Endurable
Trim/Door Color: Sherwin Williams “Bright White” (Semi-Glass)Sheen Flat for Body, Semi-gloss for Trim and Doors
Ceiling: Ceiling White (Flat)




All properties abide by any health and safety rules, in accordance with local codes and practices.

Window Coverings

If windows need to be replaced, we will use dual glaze vinyl windows in white or tan. All windows will have bug screens installed, and we will replace damaged screens as needed. Windows will be tested for security and operability, as well as cleaned and lubricated. Locks will be replaced if needed. Mismatched window blinds, damaged, or excessively dirty window coverings will be replaced.


Other Details

Batteries will be replaced in all existing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Missing door stops will be added to all interior doors. New air filters will be installed in all HVAC air vents. New smart key locks will be added to front entry to make it easy for residents. Hot water heaters will be replaced if older than 7 years in age or have less than 3 years before useful life expires.Mismatched, outdated, and leaking shower heads will be replaced.