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The HomeUnion® Home: Excellent Renovations Come Standard

A rental home can be a goldmine… but in order for it to pay off, you have to keep it in prime condition— because even gold can lose its luster. HomeUnion®’s Asset Management team makes sure your investment home keeps its gleam.

The Asset Management process starts once your bid is accepted and your investment property closes; it includes multiple steps designed to raise your property to its full potential.

Once you’ve made the great decision to invest in real estate with HomeUnion®, you’ll experience how our professionals help to maximize your results.

What You Get with a HomeUnion® Home


While there are many steps to purchasing and maintaining a profitable investment home, key among them is the rehab process— as this step often determines the type of returns you’ll receive.

For that reason, you want to make sure that it gets done right. When you enlist the Asset Management team to create a HomeUnion® home, here’s the type of transformation your property will receive:

  1. Appliance upgrades that meet the HomeUnion® standard
  2. Landscaping designed to reach its maximum curb appeal
  3. Minor upgrades to create an attractive ambiance
  4. Safety upgrades and much more

The Added Benefits of a HomeUnion® Home

The benefits don’t just stop with the upgrades your investment property receives. Here is what everything adds up to for you:

  1. By staying within a specific, pre-determined rehab budget, we ensure that you will receive the maximum return on investment (ROI).
  2. Because of the high quality of the home, you can command a higher rent price.
  3. By creating a beautiful home environment, tenants will stay longer, offering you more peace of mind and steady cash flow.

Renovation Examples – Stunning Results


HomeUnion® Home examples are on full-display in our new Virtual Home Tours. Here, you’ll get a fuller picture of the beautiful results of renovation. With 3-D modeling of every room available, these tours are an informative, inspiring, feast for the eye.

Additionally, more tours from other HomeUnion® markets will be made available soon.

Imagine the possibilities for your investment home, and head over to our new Virtual tours page to start your tour.

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