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The Loving for Investors this Holiday Season

Work for a higher purpose.  Something beyond self. Beyond money.  How does a for-profit business do this?   We are, after all, bound by creating value for our shareholders whether they be public or private. How do we reconcile this with doing good above all? And let us not consider the macro effects of creating more employment, helping local economies along the way.  Businesses don’t start out with that goal – they happen as a collateral benefit from successful businesses.

We, at HomeUnion®, are lucky that we get to positively touch the lives of people every time they buy a piece of rental real estate through us.  How?  Let’s say we’ve met many successful people who are now having to do things that they never imagined they would have to.  Like driving an airport shuttle, like serving at a Starbucks or boxing at Walmart.  Why?  To bridge a critical monthly income gap.  Because their savings haven’t earned enough.  Because they are underemployed.

The extra monthly cash flow that these folks get from their rental investments through HomeUnion® go a long way towards relieving them from underemployed jobs and get their hard earned investment working for them.  That is why we like to help people well ahead of their retirement so that they can give themselves the gift of financial independence in the future.

Happy Holidays

This holiday season we want to thank all those that we have been able to serve.  And to tell you that we instill this sense of purpose in everyone at HomeUnion®.  A sense of social entrepreneurship.  Our prayers are for a happy Holiday Season and a financially independent New Year for all of you.

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