Why Businesses Like Pegasus Are Re-locating To Texas

There is a Pegasus Coming to Dallas

truckBusinesses are fleeing tax heavy states like California and relocating to the great state of Texas.  Toyota, Liberty Mutual, Raytheon, and many others have made the jump to Texas, and Pegasus Foods is the latest to make the move.

Pegasus Foods is an industry leader of frozen food production and consumers and restaurants throughout the nation use their products.  The 800,000 square foot facility will cost about $10 million and create 325 local jobs.

Business shifts like this are part of the reason so many investors are looking toward the stable Texas economy to invest their hard earned capital.  Real estate investing in the Lone Star state has provided investors with a way to generate cash flow and build wealth through appreciation.  Download this informative report to learn about some of the major economic factors that are driving the Texas economy.

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