Top Single Family Rental Markets For 2016: A Research Report

Top Single Family Rental Markets for 2016 | Research Report

reportOne of the most crucial factors for the success of an investment property is knowing which markets to invest in and the local economic conditions that drive demand for rental properties.  As part of HomeUnion®’s ongoing commitment to our customers’ investing success, our research services team has created an in-depth “2016 Single Family Rental Research Report.” In this report you will find:

  • Rankings for the top single family rental markets in America
  • Economic outlook and predictions for the nation
  • A detailed look at investing conditions for single family rentals
  • An in depth examination on 26 metro real estate markets

HomeUnion®’s research services team has determined that economic and market conditions are primed for owning income properties, and our 2016 report will show you why this is an optimal time to invest in real estate.  To download this informative report, fill out the form below.

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Single Family Rental Research

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