Top Ten Clues You’d Make a Great HomeUnion Investor

Top Ten Clues You’d Make a Great HomeUnion® Investor

Would you like to achieve the cash flow and return on investment that a good real estate investment delivers, but without some of the baggage that comes with being a landlord, like managing tenants and knowing where to find the right property?

Now you can forget about the headaches and watch the rent checks roll in. In no time you’ll see why HomeUnion® is the way to go- they’re professionals you can trust take care of the details, making sure your property is profitably rented and managed smoothly.

Sound good?  If you need more convincing, take a look at the top ten reasons that investors like you are turning to the HomeUnion® solution.

The HomeUnion® Top Ten

10. Your 401K’s options remind you of the cafeteria food in high school.  Bland, boring and battered.

9.  You hear on the news that the housing market is booming and the stock market fell 300 points.  All your money is in stocks.  What’s wrong with this picture?

8.    When your next- door neighbor who owns two rental properties buys a BMW, you park a block away so your old Ford doesn’t suffer by comparison.

7.   You happen to watch a reality real estate show.  The part you liked best was collecting rent.  The part you liked least was putting in a new bathtub.

6.   In Forbes magazine, you see a list of the hottest rental markets in the nation.  You don’t live near any of them.  You look at a list of the hottest stocks on the NYSE.  You don’t live near them either.  You wish someone would make it possible to own investment real estate anywhere in the nation.

5.  You turn to HomeUnion® because real estate gurus who promise the moon but are better at selling videos turn you off.  At the HomeUnion® site you feel empowered when you discover what kind of investor you are.

4.  The site shows you four properties ready to buy based on your investor profile.  It’s so easy you don’t believe it- until you do some research and discover each one looks like a good deal.

3.  You can’t believe that buying one of those properties is nearly as easy as placing an order to buy stock.

2.  You wish the property manager- included in HomeUnion®’s concierge service- that takes care of your rental property would take care of your home as well.

1.  When the first rent check is electronically delivered to your account, you don’t even think of yourself as a landlord.



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