Two Factors Shaping The Future of Real Estate Investing

Two Factors are Shaping the Future of Real Estate Investing

Real estate is quickly becoming a strong choice for investors looking to grow their capital through appreciation and achieve regular cash flow through rents. While there are numerous factors that are giving this asset class strong buy signals, two factors are greatly shaping the future of real estate investing.

rentersFirst, the demand for rental properties is steadily increasing in major real estate markets throughout the country. In fact, the amount of renters in the top most populated cities has increased by 23% from where they were in 2006. This number is only expected to increase as the largest segment of the population, the Millennials (18-35 years old), are choosing to rent instead of buy.

The other major factor that is boosting the demand for single family rentals is an increasingly strong economy. Major companies are hiring across the nation, providing a demand for skilled workers. In a recent survey of employers, ManpowerGroup found that Q2 hiring is expected to increase. This solid economy that’s fueled by job growth means that more people will be moving to openings¬†as well as have steady paychecks to pay rent on time.

With a stable economy and an increased demand for single family rentals, this is a great time to purchase income properties. Sign up for a free consultation to learn more about how you can easily find, acquire, and manage single family rentals in some of the best markets in the country.

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