The Inspiration Behind HomeUnion From CEO Don Ganguly

What Inspired CEO Don Ganguly to Start HomeUnion® | Video

Our CEO Don Ganguly joined Rajiv Satyal today on The Industry Show that highlights Indian entrepreneurs who are changing the world. From talking about nice eyebrows to the trend of Millennials preferring to rent over own, Don and Rajiv cover a wide variety of topics.

When you watch the video, you’ll gain more insight into the inspiration behind HomeUnion® and how our innovative company is making real estate investing as easy as investing in stocks. We handle all the work from finding, acquiring, to managing properties, so you can gain the benefits of investing remotely into solid investment markets, without having to do all the work yourself.

Don Ganguly touches on the fear that investors may have with investing outside their current location, “So when you are in the stock market, you don’t say I need to live in Atlanta to invest in Coca-Cola…In real estate, the fact that the property is close to you doesn’t mean it is safe. It just means you know something about it, and that’s what makes you feel like it is safe, because you see it and you know the neighborhood. But it’s not necessarily the best investment you could make with your money.”

Towards the latter half of the video, Don even gives Rajiv personal investing advice on his financial situation. It’s really a recommendation to all homebuyers who are debating whether to buy a home for themselves to live-in versus buying an investment property to rent out. This is a must-watch video, especially if you want to learn more about the man who started it all for HomeUnion®.

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