Learn About a HomeUnion Pre-Select Property

What is a Pre-Select HomeUnion® Property?

preselectflagWhen you sign-up or log into Investor Portal, you’ll quickly notice the bright, orange flag that’s drawing your eye to a particular property listing. This unwavering flag serves a very important purpose to you, our investor, since it signifies a property that has been fully vetted by our on-the-ground team.

Not only has this property been discovered as a solid investment opportunity by our in-depth data analytics and propriety algorithms, but it has gone through a thorough screening by our local team experts, known as “Investment Location Managers” (ILMs). We have a large network of ILMs in the 18 locations we serve. Their purpose is to act on the behalf of the investor during the entire Real Estate transaction process, which includes verifying properties can generate their expected returns to closing the deal.

Investment Location Managers – Who They Are

Investing remotely can be intimidating for most investors, which is why we only hire the best Investment Location Managers. In order to become an ILM, we have a detailed interview process in place to ensure our investors are working with true experts of the area and savvy real estate professionals who can identify solid investment opportunities.

Other qualifications our ILMs have are:

  • Detailed knowledge of the local market
  • Years of experience in Real Estate Investing Sales, specifically Single Family Homes
  • Experience with leasing for investment properties
  • An active real estate license

By having all of these benefits, our ILMs are able to strengthen our inventory and provide you with income-generating investments in a variety of strong markets.


A Closer Look at the Pre-Select Process

Once a property has been identified as a solid investment property through our analytics, our ILMs run an inspection by going to visit the property in-person. At the property, the ILM conducts a thorough assessment that includes:

  • Assessing the property from the roof to the foundation on a scale of Excellent to Poor
    • Other details checked are Electrical, Heating/Furnace, Plumbing, Landscaping, and Garage Doors
  • Evaluating the market by looking for competing “For Rent” signs nearby as well as drafting up a detailed summary on the neighborhood condition
  • Discovering repairs needed and estimating costs for the investor
  • Taking high-quality photos to show the investor the property’s current condition

Based on the ILM findings, we update the rent and rehab estimates on the property to give investors a clearer picture of what to expect when they purchase the investment.

But What About Non Pre-Select Properties?

If a property does not have an orange “Pre-Select” flag, do not worry. The investment property has been identified as a solid investment property by our data analytics and research, and the ILM has deemed the property as not needing further assessment at the preliminary time it was added to our website.

But if you decide to move forward with purchasing a non pre-select property, during escrow on the property, we do conduct the same thorough inspection as the Pre-Select. This way our investors are aware of any repairs and recommendations before the property closes, and can make informed decisions when it comes to their investment.

How to Find Pre-Select Properties

If you prefer to only have pre-select properties in your portfolio, be sure and let your Solutions Manager know. They can build you a custom Watchlist with only pre-select properties for you to look at. From there, you decide which property or properties you would like to move forward with.

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