HomeUnion’s New Top 20 Trending Properties Feature

What Properties are Trending on HomeUnion®? Find Out Now

Tired of searching through hundreds of investment properties to find one to invest in? In need of a more streamlined approach? Curious to see which properties are catching the eye of your fellow investors? Our new Top 20 Trending Properties feature gives you all these insights— and much more!


What Constitutes a “Trending Property?”

Trending properties are determined based on the number of times they’ve been added to an investor’s watchlist. This means that these homes possess a unique quality that’s caused investors to pay extra close attention; they may even be bookmarking them to be bought at a later date. As such, you’ll want to make your move sooner rather than later, as these hot properties are likely to go very fast!

Accessible through HomeUnion®’s online Investor Portal section, the Top 20 Trending Properties feature is a part of the company’s larger online landing dashboard, that provides investors the opportunity to:

  1. Search for investments
  2. Place bids
  3. See property listings
  4. View return, cash flow, and appreciation projections for the next 30 years
  5. View performance info/income statements for existing investor properties

Creator of the Top 20 Trending Properties functionality and VP of Product Management, Ramin Vatanparast, adds, “We designed this tool to help investors easily find and buy properties before they’re gone. It’s simple – you can create your own customized portfolio in a few clicks, ensuring that your best prospects are easily retrievable when you’re ready to invest.”

Disrupting the Real Estate Process

HomeUnion®’s online dashboard— with its multitude of helpful features— is an extension of their larger disruption strategy, which streamlines the real estate identification, acquisition, and property management processes.

What’s Next for HomeUnion®?

The company’s operating philosophy is just beginning to hit its stride with more to come. “Our company’s vision, processes, and tools are constantly being weighed and updated. We encourage current and potential investors to join us as we continue to evolve. There’s one thing that we’re sure of: we’re going to work as hard as possible to streamline the real estate investing process for investors,” Vatanparast says.

See the Current Trending Properties


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