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CNBC Report: Tax Reform to Benefit Landlords

Residential rental properties have proven to continuously provide solid returns on investment, and can be a great way to build a nest egg. Other benefits include:


Cash Flow

Generate monthly income by collecting rent from tenants of your properties.

Wealth Accumulation

Maximize wealth creation by using leverage to purchase your investments.

A Hedge Against Inflation

Protect your portfolio against inflation with rent increases and appreciation.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Single family rentals provide solid returns that are not tied to the stock market nor its volatility.

Start Building Your Wealth Now

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  • Mr. Slattery says it best himself – “HomeUnion was the answer to my problems. They gave me access to markets outside my own by providing professional insight into real estate investing in other markets and by supplying the management service I was unable to provide.”

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  • After talking with and researching numerous companies, Mr. Brown came across HomeUnion. He spent several months researching the company, asking questions about their business model and verifying everything they told him. Over time he came to the realization that HomeUnion with its end-to-end approach to real estate investing, was the partner he had been looking for.

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  • “I liked the idea of having a service provider that handled all the details from property acquisition through property management,” Kula states. As he further reflects back on his experience, he adds, “As a beginner real estate investor, it was also good to get coaching from the team at HomeUnion about the characteristics of a good investment property.”

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