The Benefits of Hiring an Expert Property Management Team

Why Investors Need Property Managers

Entrepreneurs need CPA’s, attorneys have clerks, and more and more people are starting to see the benefits of hiring a personal trainer. The point? In the drive toward success, no one does it on their own!

Yes— even despite the “self-made” myth— a little help in life goes a long way… and when it comes to real estate investing, the best help comes in the form of a property manager.

Property Managers

Benefits of Property Management

1. Being Represented by Experts.

Remember the old saying: “Any defendant who represents themselves in court has a fool for a client?” While investors who do everything themselves are hardly fools, they’re actually doing much more work than they really need to.

This “do it yourself” (or landlord type) approach is not only outdated, it’s unnecessary; even worse— it’s hazardous to your leisure time! After all, do you really want to be haggling with the plumber or electrician when you could be soaking in your child’s game or recital instead?

By taking a behind-the-scenes approach instead, you’re able to avoid situations like the one just mentioned. Just be sure that when you hire your property management team you’re hiring the very best.

2. Trouble Shooting.

Tenant complaints about a noisy neighbor? Pest problems? Seasonal repairs that need to be resolved? Your property manager offers solutions and guidance for all of these scenarios. In fact, their experience has them prepared for problem-scenarios you haven’t even anticipated… which means that they’ll take care of everything, so you don’t have to.


3. Hiring Contractors.

When should you hire a contractor? How do you know where to find the best ones at the best prices? Property managers mine their networks in order to produce contractor gold for their investors.

While there are no guarantees in life, the experts know which contractors are likely to be the best fit for the job, have the most relevant experience, and best reputations. In short, property managers have a network of the right people on stand-by; people that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Which spares the frustration and inefficiencies of the alternative choice: a trial-and-error based approach.

4. Rent Collection.

Who wants problems collecting rent? After all, this income provides you with cash flow, so you can’t afford to have it late (or even worse, not at all)! Don’t worry though, most property managers assume all of your rent collecting responsibilities to make sure that tenants pay their rent in full and on time. In the case that an eviction becomes necessary, they may also represent you in court. What this all adds up to is peace of mind; an abundance of it, in fact.

5. Maintenance & Repair

You became an investor to make money, not to be a fix-it person… and hiring the right property management team ensures that you’ll never have to be. Your property manager’s job includes (but is not limited to) fixing issues like plumbing, electricity, and any property damage left by tenants when they move out. So while the experts are addressing maintenance and repair problems that just won’t wait, you’ll be free to concentrate on work, family, and other important pursuits.

HomeUnion®: The Ultimate Property Manager

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