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Learn How to Invest in Real Estate

Learn How to Invest in Real Estate

Acquisition Has Never Been Easier

In this section, find detailed articles on many topics of interest for the seasoned and new real estate investor alike. You’ll also find lots of data to help you decide if real estate is the right investment for you- comparisons to other asset classes and historical performance analysis. Other Topics include:

8 Questions Every First-Time Real Estate Investor Has
Selecting an Area for Real Estate Investing
The Emerging "Rentership" Society
Why Real Estate Investing is Now Becoming Mainstream

Learn About Investing for Retirement

Many Americans face a reduction in their quality of life when they stop working- they simply don’t have the cash flow for the extras that they used to. The articles in this section show investors how single-family real estate investing can supplement Social Security or a pension. Topics Include:

How Your IRA Can Fund Real Estate Investment
The Danger of Relying on Social Security to Fund Your Retirement
Securing Cash Flow in Retirement Through Residential Real Estate Investing

Learn How to Manage Investment Properties

There can be a lot involved with investing in a rental property. You can learn how to make the most of your cash flow investment by reading topics like:

How to Get Tenants Fast to Limit Your Cost of Vacancy
8 Essential Maintenance Tips to Prepare Rental Homes in the Winter
How Do You Source and Identify a Quality Tenant?
How Do You Find an Effective Property Manager?

Learn How to Find Investment Properties

Learn what to look for when investing in a city, state and individual rental property. Learn how factors such as population density, employment and access to transportation can affect a property’s ability to hold tenants. Topics include:

The Definitive Guide to Finding Investment Properties
Beyond Oil: Houston Remains an Investment Hotspot
Investing in Indianapolis
Buying Chicago Residential Rental Real Estate

Learn About How to Finance Investment Properties

Learn how Rental Real Estate investing is like a three-course meal- between potential tax breaks, monthly cash flow in the form of rent and potential appreciation, investing in rental homes can be a win-win-win. Discover how you can use leverage to invest in real estate, making it unique from most other asset classes. A savvy investor can realize great potential returns by properly using leverage. Learn how to take advantage of government programs for financing real estate investments– and multiply the power of your investment dollar.

Learn About Real Estate and the Economy

Real Estate typically performs very differently from other asset classes. The information in this section allows you to choose the right investment for your needs as well as providing insight on real estate as an investment. Included are many timely topics on the current state of the market, as well as comparisons between real estate and stocks, as well as other asset classes. Articles in this section provide an in-depth analysis of the investors’ options, and why in many cases single family rental real estate makes a lot of sense.

Learn Real Estate Investing Terms

Real Estate investing has a language of its own. Learn definitions for the most commonly used words in the context of property investment.  See frequently used terms in the Real Estate Glossary section.

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